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Zest “Quantamental” is an Equity fund, with single position weights set at around 2% and sector allocation which mimics the referred market indices with a few percentage points deviations that are decided based on our proprietary “Market Timing” models. An exception is represented by investments in the financial sector which constitutes only a marginal part of our allocation.

The fund aims to generate returns in line with US and EU financial markets returns, maintaining its volatility profile under control.

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Asset allocation

Bond rating

Current NAV  
Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Daily
Initial investment 250.000,00 EUR
Subsequent investments N/A
ISIN Code  
Bloomberg Ticker  
Strategy Equity Europe / North America
Management Fees 1.20 %
Performance Fee 10%

Philosophy: The fund adopts a “Quantamental” approach, which can be defined as a combination of a Quantitative Analysis for screening and ranking purposes and a Fundamental Analysis in determining the intrinsic value.

Strategy: Using proprietary Quantitative models, we analyze companies under different perspectives. Growth, Valuation, Corporate Culture, Profitability, Analyst’s Estimates and Price performance; these are the main parameters we evaluate to assign a “Global Score” to each company in our Investment Universe. This “Global Score” is a proprietary indicator of a company’s attractiveness. The best candidates are then selected and their risk/reward profile is determined.

Zest Quantamental Equity Presentation

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