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Zest Mediterraneus Absolute Value is a Long/Short European Equity Fund. The Fund is characterized by a Value Contrarian approach, which tends to identify significant undervaluation or overvaluation cases. The proprietary Data Bank, based on Fundamentals Data, allows to create Models, based on a risk / reward “score” for each company.

The Fund focuses on Italy, Spain, France and Portugal: where the Management Team has a competitive advantage due to a solid network of relationships built during the years with several important financial counterparties.

The fund aims to generate consistent, absolute returns, tolerating moderate risks and maintaining volatility under control.

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Asset allocation

Bond rating

Current NAV  
Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Daily
Initial investment 2.500,00 EUR
Subsequent investments 1.000,00 EUR
ISIN Code  
Bloomberg Ticker ZMEDAVR LX
Strategy Equity Europe / Southern Europe
Management Fees 2.00 %
Performance Fee 20%
Zest Mediterranues Absolute Value is a Long/ Short equity fund. The strategy of the fund consists in achieve consistent positive returns with moderate downside risk and low volatility investing long and short in European companies through a value contrarian approach oriented to discover hidden value or overvaluation cases . Our proprietary database of companies’ fundamentals numbers gives us the possibility to create our own valuation models and assign a risk/reward ratio for each company that enters into the portfolio. The fund has a focus on Italy Spain France and Portugal, where the team has a strong edge thanks to strong and quality relationships built over the years with companies and financial industry contacts.

Zest Mediterraneus Absolute Value Presentation

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