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Zest Global Bonds fund has been designed for the investor who is looking for a straight Corporate Bond fund. The fund’s mission is to achieve a positive return to within a limited volatility framework; Zest Global Bond fund invests primarily in Euro denominated bonds, mostly issued by listed corporations with a duration between 3 and 5 years.

The Zest Global Bond fund adopts a simple investment guideline: we invest in bonds issued by corporations that, based on our fundamental analysis, are able to repay the bond at maturity with cash currently on hand plus the free cash flow generate between now and maturity date. Our Investment Process, based on Quant Models, allows us a first level screen; while an in-depth fundamental analysis allows us to find good quality issuers with sound Business Models and high Returns on Invested Capital.

The fund aim is to generate positive returns, maintaining a very low volatility profile.

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Asset allocation

Bond rating

Current NAV  
Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Giornaliera
Initial investment 1.000,00 EUR
Subsequent investments 1.000,00 EUR
ISIN Code  
Ticker Bloomberg ZESGBRC LX
Strategy European Denominated Corporate Bonds
Management Fees 1.20 %
Performance Fee -

THE FUND: Zest Global Bonds is a Corporate Bond fund, set up according to UCITS V rules, which adopts a Bottom-Up investment strategy.

THE STRATEGY: Zest Global Bonds invests primarily in Euro denominated Corporate bonds issued by listed Global companies by adopting an investment process that mixes Quantitative Methodologies (for the Initial Screening process) with Fundamental Analysis (for in depth analysis). The objective of the fund is to achieve positive returns with a low volatility and moderate duration. The fund is exposed to all sectors of the economy with a well diversified portfolio of issuers.

Zest Global Bonds Presentation

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