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ZEST Asset Management SICAV is a UCITS V Luxembourg based collective investment scheme launched in 2007

ZEST SICAV is featured by very high value added niche products, representing different investment markets, approaches and asset classes.  Our diversification aims to provide superior returns in line with a client’s risk appetite and its geographical or asset class preferences.

ZEST’s fund managers and financial analysts are driven by a multidisciplinary approach, based on macroeconomic analysis, fundamental research and quantitative models.  THROUGHOUT these skills and tools, ZEST SICAV AIMS to create value, not strictly and uniquely correlated to market movements.

Management Company: Degroof Petercam Asset Services

Depositary Bank and Administrator:  Banque Degroof Petercam Lussemburgo SA

Audit firm: KPMG Luxembourg Société Coopéerative.

Zest Managers Team