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Zest Wealth Management service aims to achieve returns which are in line and consistent to the determined risk level and time horizon of each Individual.

Each Client Profile is carefully assessed before a given investment strategy is proposed to her/him and a properly personalized portfolio is discussed and structured.

The Relationship Manager is the main reference point for the Client. Then, the investment management activities are performed by our dedicated specialists in charge of structuring, executing and overseeing the investment strategies dedicated to Individual Clients.

More in detail, our Head of the Investment Activities dedicated to Individual Clients:

  1. Works in coordination with our Relationship Managers to identify and define the most suitable investment strategy for each Client, in terms of liquidity, volatility and risk profile, bearing in mind also fiscal optimization aspects
  2. Is supported by a structured Team of internal portfolio managers, analysts and external advisors in taking care of the whole investment management process (from ideas generation to orders execution)
  3. Monitors the portfolios and the resulting performance, assessing them to be in line with the relevant Management Mandate and with Zest’s Policies (Risk and Management Policies)


Ideas Generation

The Investment Ideas are the result of in-depth research and market analysis. They are supported by our proprietary models and then discussed during regular Investment Committees.


Order Execution

Zest directly send the operational orders to the custodian banks, making sure they are executed in an efficient and timely manner


Monitoring Activities

In light of a constantly evolving and dynamic macroeconomic context, we daily monitor our portfolios, always with an open-minded approach, to re-balance and adjust our strategies, following exclusively our Clients’ best interests.


Updating the Client

Zest constantly interacts with its clients for updates on their portfolios. Zest Portfolio Management System allows to present clients a live snapshot, at any time.


Oversight and Control activities

Depositary Bank activities are checked, performing daily reconciliations and controlling commissions applied.  Thanks to long lasting partnerships with major Swiss Banks and Financial Counterparties, Zest Clients can benefit from privileged economic conditions.