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In 2013, Zest was authorized by FINMA to act as Investment Manager for UCITS Funds under the CISA (Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes). In 2019, the authorization was extended to the management of Luxembourg Alternative Investment Funds (qualified as Reserved Alternative Investment Funds, RAIFs).

Today, Zest manages a wide range of funds dedicated to Retail and Qualified investors, adopting a number of strategies with various focuses across asset classes and geographical areas.

Zest Funds are designed to satisfy a wide spectrum of clients’ needs in terms of risk/reward appetite and to assist at best Institutional Clients (e.g., Trustees, Family Offices and Institutional Investors) in managing their own clients’ wealth.

Zest Investment Management Team is composed by experienced Fund Managers adopting multidisciplinary approaches, based on macroeconomic analysis, fundamental research and quantitative models. Each sub-fund aims at delivering returns in line with investors profile in terms of asset/geographical allocation and risk/volatility profiles.

Our main Collective Investment Scheme is the Zest Asset Management SICAV, which was launched in 2007 as a multi-compartment Scheme. Now, it counts 15 sub-funds and approximately 500M EUR of Assets under Management.

The Zest Asset Management SICAV appointed Pictet Group as its main counterparty: Fund Partner Solutions SA is the Management Company and Fund Administrator; Pictet & Cie is the Depositary Bank.

To widen its offer, Zest has also became the Investment Manager and the Distributor for the Swiss Market of several RAIFs with unique investment policies: from US listed SPACs (e.g., the US SPAC Fund) to Non-Performing-Exposures.