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ZEST is an independent, solid and very well established Swiss investment manager, acting either for individuals or collective investment schemes at all levels.

As a full servicing investment manager, ZEST is able to totally match its stakeholders’ interests, offering investment solutions suitable for any profile. Its entrepreneurial shareholder base makes it capable to understand and manage different kind of needs, from private High Net Worth Individuals businesses to corporate issues, from generational changes to liquidity events, from institutional investors to retailers:

: ZEST offers a wide and diversified range of funds and investment solutions, to support Institutional Investors in assisting at best their final clients.

HIGH NET WORTH INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES:  ZEST works along with trustees, fiduciaries, family offices to offer tailor made services in managing clients’ assets and liquidity, to optimize returns, basing on the risk profile desired.

CORPORATES:  ZEST offers low volatility solutions combined with a rigorous risk management approach in order to offer the most suitable investments’ alternatives in managing liquidity or in facing other Treasury’s related issues.