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The current macroeconomic scenario remains rather uncertain looking ahead to the coming months as the economy does not seem to have taken a concrete direction on which to base future economic forecasts. In fact, by analysing different themes, we can see that the economic indicators are not aligned in signalling a market direction.

The final quarter of 2022 delivered an early Christmas for investors; two consecutive inflation prints below-expectations were seen as the prelude to the Federal Reserve (FED) adopting a softer stance in its monetary policy. Interest rates fell over the course of the quarter, and equities rose sharply.

 In this market environment, investors seem to have already discounted a possible recession in the coming months, in fact, as the chart below suggests, the probability of a recession in the coming quarters is at its highest value since the data were collected.


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The Zest North America Pairs Relative Fund, managed by Pasquale Corvino has been selected and awarded with as the UCITS Hedge Awards 2021, as the best performing Fund in the category “Equity US Market Neutral” for the second year in a row.