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The user declares that he/she is aware of the methods of use of the Password associated with the domain "" provided by Zest SA (the "Company") and that he/she accepts all responsibility for any technical malfunctions and anomalies linked to voluntary and/or involuntary incorrect use by him/herself or his/her staff.

By taking full possession of the Password in question, the Company is therefore excluded from any responsibility related to incorrect administrative use, loss, deletion, and modification of files.

The User is responsible for all statements made and acts or omissions that occur while your Passwords is being used. The User is responsible for protecting and securing your password from unauthorized use and disclosure. If the User becomes aware of or believes there has been, any breach of security for any of your information stored on the website, such as the theft or unauthorized use of his/her password, or any other information, the User will notify Zest immediately.

The documents available on this page are to be considered strictly confidential and intended for internal use, for the purpose of renewing the due diligence on Zest SA. It is forbidden to make any other use of them and their disclosure or reproduction by any means is prohibited.

Any personal data contained therein must be processed in compliance with the regulations in force from time to time concerning the processing of personal data.