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Zest is a Swiss asset manager, authorized by the Financial Markets Supervisory Authority, FINMA, to offer Wealth and Fund Management Services.


Zest's history dates back over 40 years. Today, the company is part of LFG Holding SA, which holds one of Switzerland's largest portfolios of independent wealth management companies.


We center our core activities around personalization and efficiency, cultivating long-term relationships with our clients
rooted in trust, confidentiality, and loyalty.






Zest was established in 2012, as the spin-off of a Swiss wealth management companym, with over 30 years of history.
Based in Lugano, Zest was one of the first companies to obtain by FINMA the authorization to manage European Investment Funds, under the Federal CISA, Collective Investment Schemes Act.
Today, is member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (ASG) and proud Signatory of the PRI (Principle for Responsible Investments).



In 2013, Zest was authorized by FINMA to act as Investment Manager for UCITS Funds under the CISA (Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes).
The Zest Asset Management SICAV appointed Zest SA as the Investment Manager for its sub-funds and Pictet Group as its external counterparty: Fund Partner Solutions SA (Pictet Group) is the Management Company and Fund Administrator; Pictet & Cie (Europe) SA is the Depositary Bank.



The Alternative Investment Funds

In 2019, the authorization was extended to the management of Luxembourg Alternative Investment Funds (qualified as Reserved Alternative Investment Funds, RAIFs).
The choice was oriented to widen our offer in terms of asset classes and thematic investment strategies.


Although our structure is made of hierarchical roles, check-and-balance processes, automated flows, and interdependent functions, the difference is made by the people, who are, in our belief, the key to achieve excellence.

For this reason, across the years we looked out for a balanced mix of young talents and experienced professionals to join our team; but, more importantly, we looked for people driven by the same ethical values and sound principles that drive us.