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Experience and corporate culture

Zest SA is an independent Asset Manager fully dedicated to Collective Investment Schemes and individuals regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Zest differentiates from its competitors thanks to its one-of-a-kind business model and value proposition, based on a Licol licence, a senior and experienced management team, state of the art software, international collaborations and a strong partnership-model with both clients (being them individuals or corporates) and those professionals taking care of the wealth of their clients.



ZEST’s most valuable asset relies in People: we engage our people. An ecletic asset management team and their attention to details allow monitoring investment opportunities and seizing deals on a continuous basis, serving clients beyond expectations and ahead of our peers. At Zest all people share a solid corporate culture built in time. At the same time, every person here maintains his peculiar features in order to offer a one of a kind service to the client. Our mantra is that anyone is independent, but none is alone. As far as every fund manager is standing alone in using his own methodology and investment style, top management team and its staff similarly maintain their own approach to problem solving and to match the clients’ needs, everyone being aware well aware that anyone experience and point of view can be shared on an ongoing basis, evaluated and taken into consideration.