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Zest is an independent Asset Manager, based in Lugano, managing both UCITS and Alternative Funds as well as Individual Assets across a number of diversified strategies.
Zest was established in 2012 as a spin-off of a Swiss Wealth Manager with more than 30 years of track record. The company is subject to FINMA supervision and regulation, offering Wealth Management and Fund Management services.
Zest mission is to build trust-based relationships with our Clients, by focusing on their requests and supporting them in achieving their financial goals through customized management services and through niche products.




In 2013, Zest was authorized by FINMA to act as Investment Manager for UCITS Funds under the CISA (Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes). The Zest Asset Management SICAV appointed Pictet Group as its main counterparty: Fund Partner Solutions SA is the Management Company and Fund Administrator; Pictet & Cie is the Depositary Bank



The Alternative Investment Funds

In 2019, the authorization was extended to the management of Luxembourg Alternative Investment Funds (qualified as Reserved Alternative Investment Funds, RAIFs), to widen its offer on the Swiss Market in terms of Funds with thematic and unique investment policies: from focus on US listed SPACs (the US SPAC Fund) to Non-Performing-Exposures.



Although our structure is made of hierarchical roles, check-and-balance processes, automated flows, and interdependent functions, the difference is made by the people, who are, in our belief, the key to achieve excellence.

For this reason, across the years we looked out for a balanced mix of young talents and experienced professionals to join our team; but, more importantly, we looked for people driven by the same ethical values and sound principles that drive us.